LongHaul List24.07.13

This year, Ramon planned a more ambitious loop around Vermont’s northern half. Daniel and I have jumped back into the action. The route starts near Rutland, follows the valley northward through to St. Albans, hops and skips over a magnificent lake, and then skirts the Canadian border until it drops straight south back to the Rutland area. Total mileage is around 350.

Here are the useful details:

(1) A phrase to describe the experience: In terms of how to think about long bike trips, particularly within know (and inhabited) sections of the US (which seems to be more-or-less thoroughly explored; just not to us) I’ve taken inspiration from early map makers, who identified unexplored regions as “terra incognita”, or unknown earth*. Due to the overused nature of “terra incognita” and the not-entirely-unexplored state of much of Vermont, I’ve sought other Latin phrases to better capture the essence of what it is that one does.

The first phrase I considered, primarily for its amusement value, was “celerius quam asparagi cocuntur”, or “faster than asparagus is cooked“. But as this implies a sense of urgency – one that I don’t believe we’ll have – I’ve opted for the hesitant urgency of “festina lente”, or “make haste slowly” which, most likely, is exactly what we’ll be doing along the way.

(2) I’m heedingĀ Bill Stone’s packing mantra, which is to pack as little as possible and then figure out what’s essential along the way – rather than to pack absolutely everything, and have to deal with schlepping it all around. Here’s the packing list. My rideĀ is a Surly LHT with rear panniers only. This packing list doesn’t require fronts.

Cheers & see ya on the road,

* As a side note, the Latin phrase “hic svnt dracones”, or “here be dragons”, is little-used and of dubious and debated origin. “Terra incognita” is by far more common.

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