In 2007, I co-founded The Pubic Learning Media Laboratory (PLML), a 501(c)3 nonprofit, to bring education products to market. We developed the Glean Learning Tools brand to house two product lines: Glean Digital Literacy Tools and Glean Data Literacy Tools. Within each product line, we developed and/or prototyped at least a half-dozen teaching tools including Boolify, WhoIs, Visualizing the Common Core, The Helpful Librarian and others. We also developed dozens of lesson plans to support a greater digital and data literacy curriculum.

As with any product-focused organization, we faced challenges with brand recognition across products within product lines, and across the breadth of our greater product suite. Specifically, several products (like Boolify) had incredibly high brand recognition while others lagged. We used a variety of tactics to broaden users’ understanding of our broader work, including visual design, marketing and direct-to-user training.

Product Strategy and Leadership

Brand leadership

Product set vision and leadership

Product-specific vision and leadership

Evaluation for product-market fit and rapid iteration