I use BitCulture to share my wide-ranging exploration of, and teaching about, the digital and physical world.

@ March 2015 :: What’s going on now ::

  • Completed an essay (“The Unshoveled Sidewalk”) that describes the importance of enjoying unforeseen obstacles our physical environment. Proofing pre-pub.
  • Launching the My.Future Essentials program with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America; exploring the future Club digital experience.
  • Completing an essay about possibilitarianism as it relates to technology in education, and appreciate this thought shared by Gracie Lee Boggs: “The possible demands most of us. Demands our creativity. Demands our imagination…It demands imagination as much as knowledge… what we don’t yet know as much as what we already know.”
  • Completed the 6.00.1x (Introduction to CS and Programming Using Python) EdX course, yay certificate!