I use BitCulture to share my wide-ranging exploration of, and teaching about, the digital and physical world.

@ May 2015 :: What’s going on now ::

  • Launching the My.Future Essentials program with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America; exploring the future Club digital experience.
  • Drafted Boots and The Adventurer, a children’s story.
  • Completed two essays, including The Unshoveled Sidewalk to describe the importance of enjoying unforeseen obstacles our physical environment and an essay on possibilitarianism as it relates to approaches to technology and education. Re that, do check out this worthwhile interview with Gracie Lee Boggs: “The possible demands most of us. Demands our creativity. Demands our imagination…It demands imagination as much as knowledge… what we don’t yet know as much as what we already know.”
  • Completed the 6.00.1x (Introduction to CS and Programming Using Python) EdX course and reflecting on learning via learning to play hacky sack.